“Cryptocurrency is a once and a lifetime opportunity.”

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Help You Navigate The Crypto Space Safely

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I believe that anyone can learn cryptocurrency and navigate the space safely. The problem is, most information is buried online and hard to find. Explanations of crypto on the internet are complex and hard to understand. My one-on-one tutoring is perfect if you’re someone who wants premium help navigating and understanding the crypto space. Someone like me is hard to find, take advantage of this incredible opportunity today!

Ben DuBard

Opportunity Of A Lifetime

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“Buy early, and hold for the long term.”

Cryptocurrency is a once and a life time opportunity to increase your wealth. Most gurus on the internet will try and convince you to trade and gamble your cryptocurrency. Not me. Trading is how you lose all your money and destroy your mental health. The real way to maximize your wealth in crypto is to buy and hold for the long term.

I’ll give you all the knowledge you need to hold your crypto for the long term and avoid losing your money to hackers or scammers. I have experience teaching English to Chinese students in Inner Mongolia, tutoring refugee children, working as an in home therapist with autistic children, and experience as a mentor with the Boys and Girls Club. In addition, I have worked many service jobs, such as cashier, waiter, and delivery driver. Although not related to crypto, these experiences have shaped who I am today. I’m an easy going and down to earth tutor/teacher who can easily help you get safely involved in the crypto space. Stop waiting and contact me today!

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