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Ben is excellent! I cannot say enough about what a relief it is to have Ben. He gave me the help I desperately needed; way beyond my expectations. He is an excellent kind teacher, very calm and patient; which I appreciate because I am not! I am fairly new to the crypto space as I inherited the responsibility when my husband died 3 years ago and have been struggling my way through things since then. Using Ben has saved me SO MUCH TIME and stress! Being a beginner, I needed help with basics like how to use wallets and brought to my attention the need for added security for my crypto that I would not have identified were it not for Ben. And then helped me apply that extra layer of security. Something I could never have figured out on my own. I feel like I no longer need to research for answers on the internet and youtube for various issues that come up, which is a colossal waste of time and so confusing. Ben is also honest and transparent and what drew me to him initially is his work history that he listed on his about page. There is a lot of posturing in this space where people seem to present themselves to know more than what they do; they oversell and underdeliver. Ben undersells and OVER delivers. What a relief to have Ben as someone I can continue to connect with when I am stuck or unsure. Ben is also a good listener and tailors his input and opinions on crypto to the customer based upon their needs. I value his knowledge and opinions on crypto as it has already helped me make good decisions. I am so grateful I don’t have to feel so alone in a space that continues to change so rapidly that many of us just can’t keep up with it. Thanks Ben!


I’ve been navigating the crypto space daily for over 4 years. Save time and learn with me today.


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A guy like me is hard to find. I have the patience to help you with confusing and complex subjects in the crypto space. Don’t miss out, apply to work with me today!

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